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Get Angry Birds Classic 1.2 1479 APK - The Remake of the Legendary Rovio Game

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is an updated version of the cult arcade that has gained immense popularity. The participant will again find himself in a colorful world inhabited by greedy pigs and angry birds. The dastardly piggies are stealing eggs to cook breakfast for their gluttonous king. But brave feathered heroes are ready to brutally take revenge on the robbers! Those settled in different buildings that need to be destroyed.

Join the game, you will help the angry birds take revenge on the gluttonous pig army. Each bird in the game will have different powers, take advantage of this to destroy the defense system of the hateful pigs. Gradually, the base of the pigs will become more and more solid, making it very difficult for you to destroy. But this will bring a more interesting experience to the player.

angry birds classic 1.2 1479 apk

Return to childhood experiences in Rovio Classics: AB now. This game will help you explore endless struggles between angry birds and an army of gluttonous pigs. Through familiar physics, your task is to complete all the challenges to help the angry birds win. Remember that this game has no IAP, the result will depend entirely on the calculation and skill of the player.

Original Angry Birds episodes from 2012Retu of the iconic arcade game which in 2012 literally captured the whole world. Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is a remake of the original game that is exactly the same as the classic Angry Birds from 2012, featuring 8 original episodes, over 390 levels, and all the classic characters. Just like in the classic game, you have to select angry birds and shoot them with a slingshot to destroy the pigs' fortifications.

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All classic charactersEach bird will have its own unique abilities, using them wisely, you can destroy any pig fortification . Realistic physics, classic levels are waiting for you, and during the tests you will be able to upgrade your logical abilities and accuracy. In Rovio Classics: Angry Birds you will meet all the classic characters, from angry birds to green pigs. There are no in-app purchases or ads, making it fun for gamers of all ages to enjoy. Can you ea three stars for completing each game level in Rovio Classics: Angry Birds?

Any Angry Birds player will recognize the context of these logically demanding levels. This new version based on the classic Angry Birds video game will start with ferocious boars stealing eggs from birds. These boars can hide well and are very greedy. They committed several thefts before constructing a series of fortified hideouts to exploit. The birds were furious at the cruel theft and vowed to retrieve the eggs by any means necessary. You will get a significant number of points for each victory. If there are any remaining bird balls, they are added to the final score. If you have specific points, you can use more vital bird shots, like those through the fence. Levels in Rovio Classics: AB are sometimes linear, from easy to complex. In addition to hard levels, there will be easy levels for players to rack up points quickly.

Any Angry Birds gamer will recognize the context of such logic-demanding levels. This new version based on the classic Angry Birds video game will start with some ferocious wild boar stealing eggs from the birds. These wild boars can hide well and are very greedy. They did several robberies before building a series of fortified hideouts to operate. The birds were furious at the cruel theft and vowed to reclaim the eggs from them by any means necessary.

The fantastic thing is that you have to hit all pigs within a required time period. If you are not being able to do that, there will be a foul. Different types of angry birds will be your characters you can unlock them after completing levels. Also, try other games of puzzle genre as well such as Parking Jam 3D MOD APK.

There are different styles and colors of birds in this game even enemies are of different types. Character birds include red, blue, white, black, and yellow angry birds and mighty eagles. Each character has given a superpower, some have more attacking power than others.

The game includes all the original classic characters, including Red, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, and Terence. Each bird has unique characteristics that make it more useful in certain situations. For example, Red can blast through stone blocks with super strength; Chuck can use his weight to break through wood or glass obstacles. The different colored birds also have special powers and abilities.

It is awesome to see angry birds with their sharp stones trying to destroy them every time. It is where the easiest part of this game comes in. Your main aim here is not to destroy the structure but rather to make all the stonings go down by making it fall down and breaking it.

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is the remake of the original angry birds game and has more than a million downloads. Angry Birds are on the verge of extinction as some greedy pigs steal their eggs. But they hide under defenses, so you have to unleash the extraordinary powers of each bird to break through their defenses and get your eggs back.

You can get all the eight original angry birds episodes which range from the year 2012 and has more than four hundred levels. Each level brings new challenges and rewards for you. The higher you go, the more tips you will get. In each match, the stars will be distributed based on several pigs there are, so you have to defeat all of them to get three stars.

Everything you do in Rovio Classics: Angry Birds MOD APK is about saving the angry birds who will be extinct soon. Greedy pigs have stolen their eggs, and you have to bring them back. Those pigs are hiding under defenses and storing your eggs, so you have to aim your birds and use their exceptional abilities to bring the eggs back.

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is a full game that contains satisfying and fun slingshot gameplay. It has all the proper angry bird episodes ranging from the year 2012 to even the current one. So you can complete around four hundred unique levels with different circumstances, challenges and birds. We have provided paid unlocked features so you can quickly finish them.

In addition to its straightforward content, engaging gameplay, and many other game modes that are funny, Angry Birds is one of the most popular and classic games. In addition, people can customize the looks of the birds with a lot of pretty hats and striking impact effects, creating vibrant atmospheres.

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